Russian Millionnaire Billboard Ad To Find Groom


When most people across generations are looking for love on dating apps, some are taking another route and going all in to advertise their need to find a partner. Such is the case with a businesswoman from Russia, who did not sweat over a few million and paid for advertising targeted towards finding a partner since she cannot use dating apps.

A Russian millionaire Maria Molonova, who is 26 years old and a mother of two children, decided to rent several billboards spread across her city Ulan-Ude, in the prospect of finding love. Molonova had even put up a big sign on her car with ‘I want to get married written on it. 

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Russian Millionnaire Billboard Ad To Find Groom

Maria Molonova went to this unusual yet interesting extreme since she can’t use dating apps like Tinder in Russia ever since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. In Russia, dating apps have now become hard to use because people cannot pay for them through their cards, as per reports

Molonova looked for the most exposed way to find someone for herself. She rented billboards, which are generally used for advertising brands and products, and put up her advertisement posters as a dating ad which read – Millionaire looking for a husband.

‘Trying whatever I can to find a suitable partner’

 Talking to a news agency, Molonova explained that because dating apps have almost left Russia, she has nowhere to meet a man and that because she wishes to get married, she is trying whatever she can to find one. She elaborated her stance on billboard advertising stating that while she has everything in life and can purchase anything, but she can’t build relationships. She continued, “it was possible to find people on dating sites but they do not work in Russia now,” adding that she cannot just sit and wait for her man. 

 Molonova’s advertisement has sparked a great stir on the internet and in Russia. It is, however, unclear whether or not she has found her match yet. Her ideology of trying her hundred per cent in whatever she decides to do may pay off as she is not looking to step back anytime soon. Molonova has covered major parts of the city across billboards and is still on the hunt to find more to put up her dating a. If reports are to be believed, she will continue doing this until she finds a suitable candidate to get married to. 

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