Raven and SK Seemingly Split After Another Woman Exposes Her Relationship With SK on TikTok


Love is Blind stars Raven and SK turned out to be Season 3 fan favorites. Though they didn’t go through their nuptials, they continued dating after the show stopped filming and continued their budding long-distance romance as SK finished his master’s program in California. Raven announced plans for a wedding date in the future. But hopes were cut short after several women came forward on social media and exposed their alleged relationship with the tech guy. Now, Raven’s social media hints at a split, and her friends say SK was a scammer all along.

Do ‘Love Is Blind’ stars SK and Raven get married? | Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix © 2022

TikTok user says she began dating SK in 2019

In a video posted to the social media app captioned “this is my truth & the girls will not be silenced #loveisblindseason3” by @hannahbethstyle, the Dallas-based stylist claims that she met SK in 2019, they began dating, but broke up and remained friends. In July 2021, she says SK invited her to Ibiza. They picked up their romance. Throughout the video are photos and screenshots of travel itineraries and texts between her and SK to corroborate her claims.

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