Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams and More Stars’ Love Lives


Lucky in love! The Abbott Elementary cast’s respective dating lives appear to be much tamer compared to their fictional counterparts. Following its 2021 debut, the ABC series became a critically-acclaimed hit because of its meaningful story lines about teachers in a Philadelphia public school. Fans were also quick to pick up on the obvious chemistry between Quinta Brunson’s character Janine and Tyler James Williams’ Gregory. However, the series creator and lead previously admitted she’s in no rush to explore a potential romance. “We want to explore this relationship,” she told TV Insider in February 2022. “But sometimes, all you’re having is a crush.” Williams, for his part, teased that fans wouldn’t be disappointed by the show’s journey. “I mean, I think there’s always something simmering there,” he shared during an interview with E! News in September 2022. “I think it’s pretty clear that Gregory is interested. It’s just a matter of timing really, at this point.” The Walking Dead alum added: “In season 2, what we are doing is we’re seeing a lot more of the personal lives of the characters. And part of that is their dating lives. And we’ll kind of see what’s going on.” Offscreen, the Abbott Elementary cast has remained more tight-lipped about their love lives. Some viewers were surprised when Brunson thanked husband Kevin Jay Anik while accepting awards at the 2022 Emmys and 2023 Golden Globes. “In case I am not back up here again, I have to thank my mom, dad, brothers and sisters, my cousins,” she said during the September 2022 event. “My wonderful husband because he’s the most supportive man I’ve ever known and my incredible cast and crew for helping me to make this show and make the pilot.” Two months later, the executive producer gushed about Anik to Cosmopolitan, saying, “My husband is silly. I just laugh and laugh. That’s part of why I married him. His silly is so surprising to me, and I’m very rarely surprised.” Brunson’s costar Williams also offered some insight into his personal life when he discussed his preference for the dating app Raya. “We can’t move via DM. Everything is being watched,” Williams explained to Bustle in November 2022. “I highly value people who look at me, and I’ve been able to tell since I was a child. So that’s my criteria. Can you actually see me, or is this because it’s trendy?” Keep scrolling to learn more about the Abbott Elementary cast and their respective love lives:

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