Questions The Smartest Women Ask Themselves Before Even Considering Dating | Kelly Rudolph


Most women look for their epic love but don’t show up on their ideal man’s relationship radar. And there’s a very good reason for that.

If you are looking for an amazing man with all the qualities on your list, you need to ask yourself if you are currently the type of woman a man like that is looking for.  

I see women daily who are bitter and angry, with toxic attitudes and several relationship coaches under their belts, who are still miserably single.

Is that really the kind of woman an awesome man is looking for? No.

But then, who is he looking for?

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To get the man of your dreams, be the woman of his dreams

Here’s the deal. A man of your dreams is looking for a woman of his dreams, and you must be that before he will even notice you.

It’s like tuning into a radio station. If you are on different frequencies, he can’t see you. And you see everyone but him in your search, which makes you feel more hopeless and lonely.

Is your emotional life a royal mess? Do you lack self-confidence because of the heavy toxic baggage from past relationships you have in tow?

Are you experiencing stress over your lack of a good relationship, manifesting in your less-than-stellar physical health and weight?

Are negative social media comments that scream anger and insecurity part of your day?

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