Pros and cons of dating your neighbour


Neighbours are your first friends. They are the people whom you reach out instantly during grief or happiness. So, it is quite natural for youngsters to have a crush or fall in love with their neighbour. Undoubtedly dating someone whom you have known for some time or even from childhood gives a sense of security, but it certainly does not mean that such relationships do not have any drawbacks.

Pros of dating your neighbour


Dating someone who lives in the same apartment complex as yours has its benefits. You can walk down to his/her home or place whenever you want without having to spend time travelling or money on fuel. Living so close can help you spend more quality time together.

Sharing same interests

More often, lovers in the neighbourhood come together because their interests are the same. From favourite clubs, restaurants and bars to even going together at the gym can be the reason for coming together. Importantly, when you share a common interest you are bound to meet your neighbour more often and it ultimately also means that you do not have to take out special time to meet him/her.

Both remain together almost always which can help a relationship to bloom further.

Aware of each other’s background

Being in the neighbourhood you are well aware of his/her background. You do have some or even detailed information about his/her family and the friend circle, and their company. It means right from the beginning you almost know 50% of the person you are dating which can be simply a great platform for any relationship to start with.

Cons of dating neighbour

Just like every relationship, there are certain drawbacks when it comes to dating your neighbour.

Almost zero privacy

Having detailed knowledge about your boyfriend/girlfriend is a good thing but everyone wants to keep certain things secret. When you are dating your neighbour he or she is around you almost all the time which makes it difficult for you to hide certain things that you would rather keep to yourself. Partners rarely get privacy in such relationships which can be okay with a few couples but many new daters would not appreciate it.

Things move very fast

Living in neighbourhood and each one paying rent individually can make couples decide to move in together very fast. It may not be the case with girls and boys who are living with their family members but many times bachelors living in cities for their careers take this as an opportunity to save some bucks and take the decision to move in within days of dating .

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