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You can find love on Instagram if a real-life prince can. The recently released Netflix film “Harry & Meghan” takes an in-depth look at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s very private relationship, yet the only thing anybody can talk about is what happened on Instagram.

Although the couple had previously claimed they had met through a mutual friend, Harry acknowledged in the first episode of the documentary that “Meghan and I met over Instagram.” “I was going through my feed when I came across this video of the two of them,” he claimed. “It was like a Snapchat.”

When this occurred in July 2016, Markle was spotted applying the “puppy” filter in a video with a buddy with whom they had a mutual friend. Harry claimed that after talking to his buddy about Markle, the friend sent her an email asking if she’d like to meet him. However, it remains unclear who the friend was. As far as we are aware, the rest is history.

But Markle and Harry aren’t the only well-known couple whose romance began on Instagram. Famous celebrity couples like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, as well as Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin, can also thank Instagram for their love. This isn’t exactly shocking, of course. The fact that individuals are interacting on the social networking app Instagram is not very innovative.

What is novel is that, despite the abundance of available dating applications, singles now regard Instagram as the “greatest non-dating-app dating app.” Online ice-breaking is “more comfortable” for Gen Z users than it is in person, according to Instagram’s 2023 trend report. They also intend to use social media sites like Instagram for dating and connections, just like the renowned royal couple did.

According to a tweet from British novelist and journalist Bolu Babalola, this could be because Instagram is the “dating service without the demands of a dating service. As an illustration, “you see their shared friends and how they present themselves (even if it isn’t true, it is what they choose to exhibit and that also reveals a lot).”

I agree with Babalola completely because I have a long-standing relationship with dating apps. A lot of time and attention is put into creating the ideal profile on dating apps. Actually, it’s a strategy; because the emphasis is placed so heavily on finding more matches, many people overlook finding more compatible mates. Dating apps eventually start to feel like a tool that is only used when you want to be validated. Not to mention the dating tiredness that results from back and forth messaging and swiping.

Fair enough, Instagram isn’t much better in terms of validation. Additionally, it won’t resolve all of your issues with Tinder or Hinge, but it will spare you from having to continuously respond to the question, “So, what are you searching for?” Additionally, Instagram gives people the ability to see a more genuine side of you, even if it’s just a small portion or even a front. In addition to their images, you also have access to mutual friends and can see who they follow and who follows them. Last but not least, meeting someone on Instagram simply feels more impromptu. While meeting someone via Instagram still feels more natural in the way you’d meet someone in real life, dating apps may sometimes feel like a formula or a job.

There isn’t concrete evidence that swiping through Instagram DMs will lead to your happily ever after, but if you’re tired of the typical dating app grind, doing so may help you discover that special someone — or even a prince, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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