Playism to Publish From Madness With Love Dating Sim


At the Winter 2022 Indie Live Expo publisher Playism announced that it’ll release a new otome game from developer Jamsanpoid. Titled From Madness With Love, the game’s set for release in the Spring of 2023.

Check out the announcement trailer for From Madness With Love below. English subtitles are available in the closed captions.

The player is a second-year high school student, who just transferred to a wealthy Japanese private school, Kokain Private Academy. There they’ll meet four available guys: Classmate Yusuke Saeki, teacher Shuji Arakawa, student council president Aorta, fellow student Tamura Marshmallow.

Each guy has his own quirks to emphasize the main conceit of From Madness With Love, which is getting to know guys “you’ll never be on the same page with.” Each romantic interest has some hangup that prevents straightforward communication. Yusuke speaks in incomprehensible gibberish. Shuji speaks like he’s been badly translated. Tamura prefers to communicate in profanities and verbal abuse. Aorta’s foreign language is impossible to understand or decipher.

Players will need to get around these roadblocks on the path to love, and help determine the story of From Madness With Love through their choices. Seasonal events, club activities, festivals, and occasions like the New Year and Valentine’s Day will provide opportunities to meet with each character and deepen their bonds.

From Madness With Love will arrive in Spring 2023 on the PC via Steam. It’ll have full voice-acting in Japanese, and also support English and Chinese text options.

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