Pete Davidson’s Major Dating Red Flag: ICYMI Kim


In November, Google searches for “Who Is Pete Davidson dating?” rose to 352% — his highest ever. Since 2015, Davidson has dated most of your favs like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and now Emily Ratajkowski. It’s almost as if dating Davidson is the post-breakup or “I need spice in my life” trend. Most assume women love him because of his “big d-ck energy,” or because he’s f-cking hilarious, as those are easy qualities to love. But could there be more tea?

According to dating app Badoo, there’s one glaring fact that the world is overlooking. Davidson is a serial dater, someone who “dates person after person but never really gets to the ‘long term’ or ‘serious relationship’ stage.” A huge red flag — depending on what you’re looking for.

If Pete Davidson was your average male, he’d be considered toxic on account of his very active track record. Persia Lawson, a relationship expert for Badoo, warned, “Dating someone who has a reputation for being a serial is definitely something to approach with caution. Their behavior often stems from feeling insecure and needing the validation that comes from winning multiple people’s romantic attention and approval. However, it doesn’t have to be a complete no-go — so long as you have your wits about you.”

Serial daters can come with many problems as they’re usually not serious about relationships. In fact, Badoo’s users avoid them because they’re “hard to trust,” and believe they’re only there for the chase.

So what makes it easy for affluent women like Kardashian and Ratajkowski to ignore Davidson’s serial ways? As Lawson shared, what’s important is what you desire at that moment. Are you looking for long-term love? Or a moment of fun? In the case of Davidson’s beaus, it seems he’s become the rebound f-ck buddy and occasionally, the boyfriend.

What do you think? Could you date a serial dater? Is big d-ck energy and giggles enough? In this case, we’re following the steps of his current beau Emily Ratajkowski and tapping into our solo poly era.

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