Perfect Match: Premiere Date, Cast And Other Things We Know About The Netflix Show


If you’ve paid any attention at all to reality TV over the course of the past three years or so, you will know that those with a Netflix subscription have turned a number of the streaming service’s options into massively buzzed about hits. Shows like The Circle, Love Is Blind, and Too Hot To Handle helped many folks get through the early days of 2020 with their first installments, and have continued to be incredibly popular options as new seasons debut.

Now, with the premieres of additional seasons for many of those now-familiar favorites either recently aired or on the horizon, the streamer has surprised us with a brand new reality series that will hit the small screen soon and feature some faces we recognize: Perfect Match. Luckily, this upcoming show isn’t a mystery, as we’ve already gotten several details about it that we’re going to share with all of you potential fans right now. Let’s get started!

Perfect Match Premieres On February 14

(Image credit: Netflix)

I wasn’t kidding when I said that Perfect Match will be delighting reality TV fans in short order, because the new series will debut just in time for anyone looking to have a chill, at-home, Valentine’s celebration. That’s right, folks; Tudum (opens in new tab) announced that it’s set to debut on February 14, though everyone hoping to binge the entire season will have to be patient, which we’ll talk more about a bit later.

Perfect Match Is A Dating Show Competition

a scene from the perfect match cast video

(Image credit: Netflix)

It should come as no great shock that Perfect Match is one of many dating shows from Netflix. According to Variety, instead of everyone just being thrown together to attempt to find their forever love, there will be some game play and twists introduced to keep things interesting. 

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