People Think Cher Is Engaged To Her Boyfriend


In case you didn’t know, Cher is blissfully in *love.*

Her new boyfriend (or fiancé?!) is A.E. Edwards and he’s apparently Amber Rose’s ex. He’s also a music executive.

They’ve been spotted holding hands.

They’ve been spotted kissing hands.

They’re lovin’, and livin’, and pickin’ it up.

As straight people say, “love wins!”

So anyway, we’ve only known about them dating for a few months, but it appears they might actually be engaged.

Cher posted a picture of a big ole’ diamond ring and captioned it “THERE R NO WORDS.”

Twitter: @cher

The first thing I noticed was the Monster energy nail…

People obviously think she’s engaged, and are responding with congratulations.

Twitter: @YNB

Still, were not *totally* sure what this means.

Cher said she posted the pic because of his cool Monster energy drink nails.

Twitter: @cher

And since then, the only thing we’ve heard from her is this:

Twitter: @cher

In conclusion, I’m obsessed with Cher loving his Monster energy drink manicure.

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