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Paulina Porizkova is a smoking-hot 57-year-old supermodel and she’s admitting that the dating scene is shockingly tough for her. She would love to find a partner in life, but she feels that ageism creeps into the dating world even though it shouldn’t.

She colorfully described what it’s like to date at her age, telling The Guardian, “Dating in your 50s is a terrible place to be.” She worries that women fall prey to “Botox and fillers” to keep up with the younger generations and attract a mate. While she’s not judging anyone for making the choice to enhance their looks, she does feel that injectables support “the societal values that older women are not attractive.” Porizkova added, “And by giving into it, we are perpetuating it. We’re agreeing that younger women are more valuable and that our age makes us ugly, that it’s a flaw, that it’s something that needs to be fixed rather than it being a natural change that is inevitable.” 

The fashion icon always has something poignant to say about ageism as she promotes her new book, No Filter: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful. Even though many of her peers have had work done, she’s “not going to pass judgment” — but there’s one thing she would like to do. “I’d just like to maybe clean their glasses a little bit, show them the truth,” she said.  

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That doesn’t mean she isn’t tempted to do a nip or tuck, she admitted she is just like everyone else. “Of course, then I wake up some days and go: ‘Goddammit, I need a lower facelift,’ so…,” she laughed. Porizkova is keeping the talk about aging real and refreshing — and we like it.

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