November love horoscope: One sign to be ‘particularly successful’ – most compatible signs


In terms of love compatibility, Patsy predicted a strong connection between all the fire signs: “Sagittarians and the two other fire signs, Aries and Leo, will be most noticeably compatible.”

Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius “are likely to wish to date one another, as Venus will accentuate everyone’s adventurous spirit and their need for fun,” but Sagittarius may also be drawn “to the flirtatious nature of Gemini” the last week of November.

Geminis will also be compatible with Sagittarians for the last two weeks of the month – and not only with Sagittarians, but also with Aries and Leo. Scorpios, on the other hand, will be attracted to fellow water signs Pisces and Cancer.

According to the astrologist, there are some signs who will be “especially lucky” during cuffing season in terms of love and relationships, including Pisces, Virgos and Sagittarians. Patsy explained this is mainly because Jupiter, the planet associated with luck and abundance, will be ending a lengthy retrograde phase in the sign of Pisces.

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