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Beyond that, though, going on a reality TV show – especially one where you’re expected to share intimate details – is one of the weirder things a human is ever going to do in their lives. Having someone living the weirdness alongside you turned out to be a real bonus.

“Just after the dates, being able to talk about what happened, our feelings – you actually end up opening up,” says Malucelli.

“And it’s hard to let people go,” says Von Hofe. “There’s no closure. It’s really quite brutal. And it made me sympathise with how hard it must have been for bachelors in the past, being one out.

“It’s an emotionally charged situation: with all the bachelorettes, everything that’s going on, just being in front of the camera for that long. It can be really stressful. And the fact that we had each other to bounce off as you would regularly, with your mates, I think is a very special thing. I’ve got two guys next to me who know exactly what I’ve been going through. That’s pretty special.”

The other distinguishing feature of this season – at least going by the promos – is that there seem to be a lot of refuseniks among the women: walking out, turning down roses. Let’s say that again: turning down roses!

McIntosh gets a bit squirmy when the subject’s raised but Von Hofe is all in.

“One of the cool things that came out of this show is that previously it’s always been the bachelor making the decisions,” he says. “It’s your time to go home, stuff like that. This is very representative of 2023, the times were living in now. It’s not all on my side. If someone’s not feeling it, they’re more than welcome to reject a rose. Which I think is much more representative of how society is today.”

Malucelli says despite the promos showing tears and tantrums among the women, the reality was much more balanced. “Of course there was a bit of drama,” he says. “But they supported one another as well. So it’s going to be very real. And very entertaining.”


The Bachelors is on Ten on Monday, 7.30pm

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