New Book Takes Tongue-in-Cheek Look at 99 Types of Men, with Advice for Dating Them


DENVER, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dedicated to all single people looking for love and 30 years in the making, 99 Types of Guys: A Humorous Collection of Dating Tips and Misadventures by Stephanie Bailey (Miss-Adventures Press), aims to provide laughs and encouragement for anyone who dates men, without bashing them.

Bailey, a long-time love coach and expert, conceived of the 99 types of men featured in her book by using her own considerable dating experience and that of other women she knows. Among the types of men Bailey has identified are the Doggie Dater who makes you question if he is dating you—or his dog; the Baby Talker who thinks baby talk is sexy; the Holiday Saboteur who breaks up with you on your birthday, anniversary or some other celebratory date that will forever be ruined; and the Sports Fanatic who is addicted to football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and more. Then there are better known types such as the Liar, Metrosexual and Narcissist.

In the book’s first chapter she writes, “I have dated a LOT of men (probably more than I should admit). I started this book in my early 20s when I was naïve, vulnerable, carefree, and a bit promiscuous. Almost 30 years later, I’ve dated enough men to piece together my simple philosophy—and no, it isn’t revolutionary. I’ve learned the more you date, the better you understand yourself and your relationship essentials; therefore, the more equipped you are to find your ultimate match. So exciting!”

In an interview, Bailey, who found her true love with Damon at 47, can talk about the:

  • Need for ditching timelines and expectations
  • Intricacies of dating a Yoga Man.
  • Importance of self-love
  • Necessity of remaining hopeful that good guys are out there

Praise for 99 Types of Guys

“Miss Adventures is fun, insightful, entertaining, and thought-provoking, and sheds a bright light on the single woman’s plight. Miss Bailey gets it! And we learn through her experiences. She is a great resource!” Tawni Blake, dating coach, Colorado 

“A must-read for dads like me who have daughters and … a husband! … Thanks for translating your experience, Stephanie, into a highly effective teaching tool for women who date men, men who raise daughters, and men who date men!” — Phil Tavolacci, MSPT, author of What’s In Your Web?

About Stephanie

Stephanie Bailey is the CEO of Miss-Adventures, LLC. The Amazon best-selling author’s previous book is Miss-Adventures Guide to Ultimate Empowerment for Women: Harness Your Power and Thrive in Every Area of Your Life (Brave Healer Productions). For more than 26 years, she has served as a self-love and relationship coach assisting women with their relationships, dating, break-ups, and life satisfaction. She is also a yoga teacher who strongly believes in the power of prayer and affirmations to ignite and create the love, health, wealth, success, family, abundance, and prosperity women want in their lives. Bailey offers in-person and virtual love coaching sessions

Contact: Stephanie Bailey, (720) 276-2226; [email protected];

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