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You’re on a date with someone new, and things are going great. They’re easy to talk to, they laugh at your jokes (or at least pretend to), and they seem genuinely interested in getting to know you.

So when the conversation turns to dating, it’s not surprising that one of the first topics brought up is Your Dating Profile.

“You should really check out my profile,” you say with confidence. “I think it represents who I am in a way that’s very appealing.”

“Oh wow!” she says as she scrolls through it on her phone. “This is great! So… what do these pictures mean?”

You look down at her screen and notice that there are five pictures from six years ago—one from when you were twenty-two pounds heavier than now—as well as five selfies from today.

There’s also a picture of her ex-boyfriend standing next to his new girlfriend (who just happens to be wearing an engagement ring).

And then there’s another selfie where she looks like death warmed over after pulling an all-nighter because she didn’t get enough sleep the night before due to having too many drinks with friends after work last night while having lunch with someone else…and so on and so forth until infinity!

Your Over-The-Top Selfie

Selfies are narcissistic, and they’re not a good way to connect with someone.

They also don’t really show off your personality or sense of humor very well. They can be nice for the occasional selfie-with-friends shot, but if you’re trying to get someone interested in dating you, leave out the selfies altogether.

Your Exes

You may have fond memories of your exes, but they’re not what you should be focusing on if you want to find love. If they’re included in your dating profile, it’s likely that someone else will bring them up as well–and then the conversation quickly turns into a game of “Who Has The Most Jacked Up Past?”

This is not only unhelpful (and possibly hurtful), but also unnecessary! If someone really wants to know about your past relationships, they’ll ask (in person). And if they don’t care about that information? Then maybe it’s time for both parties to move on from each other anyway.

Your Rant About Politics

Politics is a touchy subject, and it’s best to keep your political views out of your dating profile. If you have strong opinions on political topics, it’s best to talk with someone you trust about them.

For example, if you feel strongly about gun control or abortion rights–or any other hot-button issue–try talking with a friend or family member who shares similar views before posting something that could alienate potential partners (and vice versa).

Your Goals, Dreams, And Ambitions

Let’s be honest: goals are personal. They change over time, and they can be intimidating to a potential partner. If you’re looking for love, it’s best not to talk about your goals in your dating profile.

Instead of listing your dreams and ambitions, focus on showing off who you really are by answering questions like “What makes me laugh?” or “What do I like doing when I’m not working?”

Your goal should be finding a person who loves those things about you–not someone who wants to spend their life helping achieve them for themselves (and vice versa).

Your Height

There are many things in life that are important to us, but height is not one of them.

It’s understandable that some people would be bothered by their partner being shorter than themselves, but this can be a huge turn off for many people who prefer tall partners and vice versa.

While it may seem like a personal preference at first glance, there are far more important qualities about yourself and your potential partner than whether or not they’re taller than you.

Height shouldn’t matter at all when looking for love!

Your Birth Sign

It’s not a good idea to list your birthday, or even the month and year of your birth. Why? Because most people can be born under any sign at all, and yet they choose to use this information as a way of judging others.

The truth is that many people are more likely to make assumptions about you based on your birth sign than they would otherwise–and there’s no reason for it!

Your Salary or Job Title

Your salary or job title is a good way to show off your accomplishments, but it’s also an easy way to make yourself look like a braggart. You don’t want people thinking that you’re desperate for cash or trying too hard to impress them with how much money you make.

What type of person are you showing off on your dating profile?

You are showing off the type of person you want to be with.

When someone looks at your dating profile, they’re not just seeing what you look like or what kind of music you listen to. They’re also looking at who you are as a person–and that’s what matters most when it comes to finding love.

Your dating profile is an opportunity for potential partners (and even friends) to get a glimpse of what makes up who you are as an individual: your interests, hobbies and passions; how smart or silly or thoughtful or goofy or shy or confident etc., etc., etc.,


We all want to be loved and accepted by others. But if you’re trying to find love online, then it’s important to keep in mind that your dating profile is a reflection of who you are as a person.

If you want someone with similar interests or values, then make sure those traits shine through in your profile photos and descriptions. And if someone isn’t attracted to what they see? Then maybe they’re not right for each other after all!

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