My Mum Your Dad: meet the cast!



Carole (57) and Pricilla (21) – QLD

Carole is a firetracker who lifts the energy in any room. She is a breast cancer survivor with a heart of gold and can find the humour in anything and everything. Pricilla sees herself as the mum in this relationship.


Kristy (43) and Milli (19) – VIC

Kristy has it all – confidence, incredible energy, great friends, a successful business, and three kids who adore her. Milli and Kristy rarely leave each other’s side. They live, work and go out together.

Kristy and Milli


Marette (51) and Tonya (24) – WA

Marette is a vibrant bombshell who describes herself as crazy, honest and always up for a chat. Her beauty business supplies eyelash products online. Tonya and her mum describe themselves as twins and are often mistaken for sisters.

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Marette and Tonya


Mel (56) and Sam (21) – VIC

Mel is petrified of putting herself back out into the dating world. Her fear of getting hurt again has held her back until now, and she is finally ready to rediscover her mojo. Sam has the type of personality to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Mel and Sam


Michelle (52) and Chloe (22) – NSW

Michelle is an air hostess with the most-est, a gregarious whirlwind and the life of the party. She’s never lost for words. Chloe is not afraid to point out red flags in men for her mum – she’s her ultimate wingman.

Michelle and Chloe


Petula (50) and Drhys (22) – WA

Petula is a fun, quirky, high-energy woman. Being a psychic medium, she says it can either be a help or a hindrance to her dating life. Drhys is a charismatic tradie, very protective of his mum.

Petula and Dryhs



Charlie (55) and Eliza (23) – SA

Charlie is a salt of the earth, extroverted country boy who always sees the glass as half full. He owns a farm with a distillery and is a workaholic. Eliza’s dry wit and facial expressions give away everything, especially when it comes to her dad’s more intimate moments.

Charlie and Eliza


Darren (56) and Tess (26) – VIC & NSW

Darren is a wealthy, high-flying entrepreneur who loves the good life and owns a luxury coach company. He’s the life and soul of the party. Tess adores her dad and works alongside him in the family business.

Darren and Tess


Heath (51) and Haydn (23) – NSW

Heath presents as the strong, stoic firefighter, but he is really a big softy. He can open up about his emotions and tear up when it comes to his kids. Haydn is a confident guy who loves sports and the outdoors.

Heath and Haydn


Neil (60) and Dylan (21) – QLD

Neil is an extrovert who loves being the centre of attention. He prefers using his charm and card tricks to meet women instead of dating apps. Dylan is a laidback bartender who can come out of his shell around people his own age.

Neil and Dylan


Roe (56) and Sachem (23) – VIC & QLD

Roe is as cool as they come. He’s a fit, suave businessman originally from Florida who moved to Australia while on a basketball tour in 2014. Sachem is a smart and creative musician who raps and sings.

Roe and Sachem


Shane (48) and Kayla (26) – QLD

Shane is an old-school romantic, steeped in old-fashioned values and chivalry. He likes to be spontaneous and believes in instant attraction. Kayla is a beautifully brash and opinionated young woman.

Shane and Kayla


Tim (55) and James (21) – VIC

Tim is a musician who loves rock and has an avid guitar collection. He’s a cool, calm and collected father. James is a social media star who is confident and sure of himself, but also has his dad’s laidback attitude.

Tim and James


Entertainer and writer Kate Langbroek is presenting the show, and said the series was ”amazing”.

”I’m properly excited for Australia to see this amazing new series, and see how brave and vulnerable these single parents are. To dare to dream and open their hearts to love again – and in the public arena – is incredibly courageous,” she said about the show.

”There’s nobody that cares about your relationship more than your kids, because they enter the relationship too. In fact, they are the ones that often end up carrying the emotional baggage. So it’s pretty special that these kids are (secretly) helping their parents on their quest to find a connection.”

My Mum Your Dad airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 7:30pm. Catch up on the latest episodes on 9NOW.
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