My Abusive Relationship Gave Me Dating PTSD


When I tell people that I have post-traumatic stress from dating, I don’t think most of them believe me. In many cases, that confession elicits a chuckle from them, followed by the ever-common, “Don’t worry, you’ll find the one.”

Can you get PTSD from dating?

Well, the thing is, dating PTSD is really real. After having been in one too many abusive relationships, having been cheated on, used for everything I had, and being hurt without any respite from it, I developed PTSD.

I stiffen up when I feel like guys might have an interest in me. I have nightmares about my exes. Occasionally, if I see someone who looks like one of my exes, I start getting panic attacks.

My dating and relationship PTSD is real and, frankly, it’s affected me in ways that I don’t really think that people can fully grasp. And if you’ve been thinking, “Do I have PTSD?” especially after leaving a turbulent relationship, this is what it’s like to get post-traumatic stress disorder from your dating life.

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Here are 12 signs of PTSD caused by relationship trauma:

1. You wonder, almost daily, if any of the people you dated even feel remorseful for what they did

I wonder about this a lot. I also try to push this thought down into my subconscious, because I know that the answer is obviously no.

Most of my exes thought they were Jesus Christ on Earth; why would they ever actually admit to themselves that hitting me, cheating on me, or sexually assaulting me was wrong?

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