Movies that Will Transform Your View of Lesbian Dating


For teens who identify as LGBTQs, growing up can be a solitary experience. It can be alienating and harmful to their mental health if their peers do not get them or if their parents refuse to accept them.

However, a large percentage of LGBTQ teens say they feel more positive about themselves because of LGBTQIA+ characters and stories in media. It is clear that LGBT TV characters can bring relief, which has a greater influence than many people believe.

What is Lesbian Dating, and How Can Movies and Online Dating Change Your View of It?

When you are a girl and feel attracted to the same sex, you are a lesbian, and there is nothing wrong with being one. Do not consider yourself so different that you do not deserve to be loved. There are so many people like you, and if you are not sure, just join a site for a lesbian hookup, and your thoughts will surely change.

Girls on lesbian dating sites are looking for love every day without fear of being judged. Online lesbian community on dating platforms is so wide and diverse that you’ll definitely meet someone like-minded who will show you how good it can be to date a lesbian.

Another thing you can do is watch movies with lesbian characters, as it helps you explore your sexuality and shows you what to expect when you put yourself out there in the world of dating. Lesbians find comfort in seeing themselves reflected in popular media, and the adults who have to support them benefit from the same exposure.

Parents and other family members can learn a lot from watching TV shows with gay characters, especially those made for a general audience, about LGBTQ identities and how to best support their queer children. Parents can learn a lot about healthy relationships between women by watching The Owl House and seeing the dynamic between Luz and Amity. This can help break the misconception that women’s relationships are sexualized.

Find a Movie Lover on a Dating Site

The best part about being a movie buff is that you can use your passion to connect with like-minded girls on lesbian dating sites. Using dating platforms is the best way to find like-minded singles who are looking for all sorts of relationships.

You simply need to use filters to shortlist the best matches and find those who share your passion for movies. You would not need anything to break the ice because your love for movies will bring you together.

Watch LGBT Movies with Someone Special

Once you have met someone special, you can even arrange your first date around your passion. A movie date night is just perfect for lesbians, and here are a few good movies to watch on your first date.

The Prom

The movie version of Ryan Murphy’s smash musical (based on the same-named Broadway hit) debuted in the winter of 2020, and its catchy score has been stuck in people’s heads ever since.

Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman play as Broadway stars who visit Indiana to fight for a teenager who cannot bring her GF to the prom. Glitzy dance sequences, engaging tunes, and a plot that could have been lifted from the headlines all make this a must-see for LBGTQ+ and ally audiences.

Blue is the Warmest Color

If you are in the mood for something more sensual, this is the movie to watch. It is about Adele, a high school student who has just begun her search for who she is.

It all changes when she meets Emma, a free-spirited blue-haired girl. Because her other friends will not accept her for who she is, Adele becomes even closer to Emma. Just look at the poster, and you will realize that this one is intended for a more mature crowd. A masterpiece, nonetheless!

The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love

All the finest elements of teen movies are present in this New York City film from the mid-1990s, including the budding relationship between two teenage girls. The acting is genuine, and the colorful, nineties-style aesthetics are a huge plus.


However, despite the growing visibility of the LGBTQ+ community in the US, portrayals of gay and lesbian couples remain rare in mainstream media. The good news is that every year, a wider range of human experiences is represented on film. And if you are just out, you can find some good movies to watch and meet those singles who are also movie fans like you. Just pick a good dating site, and you are good to go!

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