Moose Jattana Opens Up On What Qualities She Wants In Her Dating Partner


Social media influencer Moose Jattana, who will enter the dating-based reality show ‘Splitsvilla X4‘ as a wild card contestant, is looking forward towards making good connections on the show and opened up about the qualities she is looking for in her dating partner.

She shared: “I’m looking to find someone I can trust, and who is interested in me genuinely. I don’t need romance, sex, commitment, that’s all quite secondary. I would only be dating someone with whom the connection is real. I look for honesty, empathy, and understanding. Humour too. This is my weakness. I find funny guys and they ruin my life but still this is one trait that I like most in guys whom I want to date.

On ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, she made a lot of headlines for her friendship with Nishant Bhatt.

In her interview with IANS, she spoke about relationships and why she will not fit in the concept of making connections on the show: “I’ll probably clash with people in terms of how I feel about love. I’m not possessive, I don’t crave commitment.”

On talking about her bond with the hosts including Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani, she added: “I loved how warm Arjun was, and he was always smiling on set. It was a good environment to work with both Sunny and Arjun. Sunny has been around so long, she really knows her job well.”

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