Modern Dating Makes Me Terrified To Be A Full-Time Mom


Before we start this article, I want to point out that I have been surgically sterilized and have made a commitment to living a majority-childfree lifestyle, and have also given up on men. (And, I’m working on transitioning.) So in all fairness, I’m talking about a hypothetical situation that would never really occur. But if I still cared about dating, was still fertile, wanted kids, and still thought some Prince Douchebag would pop the question, I can honestly say that there’s no way I could ever see myself being a stay-at-home mom.

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The reason I eschew motherhood is that I honestly don’t trust men to stick around once the kids are born, nor do I think that the current vanguard of men can be good fathers.

Call me a Negative Nancy, but the truth is that when it comes to parenthood, most men can’t think of anyone but themselves. And mothers get f*cked over in so many ways that it’s just not worth being a mom anymore, especially when you look at how dads treat you.

The first thing that makes me scared to be a mom is the double standard. Raising a kid is a two-person operation and guys these days just don’t get it. Women are basically expected to drop their entire lives, their careers, and all their free time for their kids. If you get a job as a new mom, people often will sneer at you and tell you, “Guess you don’t need to be there for your kid’s golden years.”

Meanwhile, men are lauded if they just exist near kids and occasionally put food on the table. I can’t name how many women applaud seeing guys simply walking around with a kid in a stroller. It’s not a goddamned amazing feat of awesomeness to be a father, it’s part of being a decent human being to your offspring! And yet, we live in an age where it’s so rare that people DO have to comment on it.

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