Meet The Cast Of ‘The Real Love Boat’ And See Their Instagrams


Another day, another dating reality television show premiering. But I’m not complaining…after all, this new one is pretty original. A revival (kinda) of the show The Love Boat, which aired on ABC from 1977 to 1986, The Real Love Boat is a dating show where singles meet on a Princess Cruises ship and sail through the sea to find love.

Among the crew members of the captain, bartender, and cruise director, which were characters in the original show, the 12 contestants will go on destination dates to places like Santorini, Rome, and Barcelona, with new singles coming and going each week, per TODAY. The month-long journey is hosted by Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn, who have been married since 2007. And the prize? Cash and a trip given by Princess Cruises to the remaining couple. It sounds pretty intriguing, if I do say so myself!

The series premieres October 5 at 9pm ET on CBS. So, find out everyone competing below. And bon voyage!

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Alisa is 24 years old and from San Diego, per TODAY. Upon some LinkedIn stalking, it appears that she’s a landscape designer, which is pretty cool, IMO, and she went to Virginia Tech for college. According to her Instagram, it looks like she enjoys the beach, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

Daniel has “Actor – Model- Reality TV” in his Instagram bio so you know you can trust his intentions going on this show. At 25 years old, he calls Atlanta home. In his free time, it looks like he goes to the gym, hangs out with his family, and travels a bit.

Straight up, Nicole’s a content creator and “Instagram Coach,” according to her website, and she has no shame, which I have to respect. Her Instagram is full of instructional reels on how to take good photos and get more followers. She’s 28 years old and from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Thirty-six year old Brett from Dana Point, California. His Instagram is full of photos of his family, which is adorbs, and it appears that he’s in a country pop trio band with his brothers, called Holiday State…so he’s totally there for the right reasons.

Brooke is an actress from Los Angeles. A University of Southern California graduate, she’s 34 years old and has racked up 24 filmography credits on IMDb, linked in her IG bio, under the name Brooke Sutton.

Surprise, surprise—we have yet another contestant who loves traveling and living a healthy lifestyle—well, at least according to his IG bio. Forrest is 30 years old and lives in Houston. He loves working out, running races, and sports.

Shea-Lynn, 28, is a sports journalist, host, model, and creator based in Toronto. She played basketball in college and worked in architecture before making a career switch, according to her website. (Did somebody say girlboss?)

Jordan is 26 and lives in Windsor, Ontario. From his IG, it appears that he’s a firefighter (love!) and enjoys hanging out with his friends and family in addition to boxing.

Hailing from Colgate, Wisconsin, Emily is 24 years old. Although she used to be a labor and delivery nurse, according to an old IG post, it seems that now she does a lot of influencing. However, Sports Keeda says she is a certified nurse injector.

Marty doesn’t post often on Instagram. But when he does, it’s usually with his family, which is sweet. The 33-year-old living in Charlotte, North Carolina has worked in IT talent and customer service, according to his LinkedIn.

Michael Gonzalez has listed his hometowns as New York City and LA, and is 35 years old. I don’t know much more, TBH—he’s private on Instagram!

Nathan really loves working out, working out, and more working out. (I kid, I think he’s literally a personal trainer or something of the sort!) I honestly don’t know much else about his interests because pics of him lifting are all over his Insta. Anyway, he’s 24 and lives in Cincinnati, and played baseball for the Cincinnati Bearcats in college. From his LinkedIn, it looks like he’s also worked as a sales rep.

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