Meet The Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Dated & Related’—See Their Instagrams


The new Netflix show Dated & Related has siblings staying in a fancy villa in the South of France while trying to help each other find love. Netflix has called it “the most awkward dating show in history,” and I’ve got to say I agree on this one.

Netflix has already released a trailer for the show, which details how cringe-worthy things get. “This is probably the first time I’ve kissed someone in front of my sister,” one contestant shares. “What the hell is going on here?” another sibling asks after pointing out how weird it is to be on a double date with your sibling.

The goal of the show—besides finding love on reality TV, of course—is to determine who will be the best wingman or wingwoman. OK, but who actually signed up for this adventure? Here’s a breakdown.

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Mady is a 20-year-old from Texas. She’s an advertising student and she’s on this journey with her older sister, Lily Bajor.

Mady is apparently a pro at spotting red flags in potential significant others, Netflix said, and by the looks of her IG, she really loves spending time in a bikini on the beach.

Instagram: @mady

Lily is Mady’s 22-year-old sister. She’s a cocktail waitress and student in Texas.

Instagram: @lilybajor

Kaz, 30, is on this journey with his twin brother, Kieran. He’s a firefighter from Essex, U.K.

Instagram: @kazbishop_

Kieran is also 30 and from Essex, like his twin brother. He’s a banking consultant.

Kieran is a “hopeless romantic” who was previously in a decade-long relationship, according to Netflix. Well, this is certainly one way to get back in the saddle.

Instagram: @kieranbishop__

Jason is on the show with his cousin, Chris Hahn, making them the only non-sibling pair. He’s 27, from New Jersey, and a lifeguard and jet ski instructor.

Jason was also a wrestler in college, and has an entire Instagram account dedicated to his fitness and workout tips.

Instagram: @jasoncohenofficial

Chris is also 27 and from New Jersey. He’s a server and surf instructor. By the looks of his Instagram, he’s also a big snowboarder, and spends a lot of time out in California.

Instagram: @chrishahnofficial

Dyman is a 25-year-old from Florida who is trying to help her younger brother, Deyon, find love. She works as a medical assistant.

Dyman’s Instagram is private, but she told Netflix the she’s a “sexually adventurous” rebel, so there’s that.

Instagram: @dymanqrystal

Deyon is 22 and also from Florida. He works as an HR manager and sports model, and apparently has great dance moves.

Instagram: @itsdeyon

Diana is looking for love alongside her twin sister, Nina. She’s a 29-year-old jewelry specialist from Oslo, Norway, but is currently based in London.

Instagram: @ninaxdiana

Nina, 29, shares a lot with her twin. Like Diana, she’s also from Oslo but based in London, and she also works as a jewelry specialist.

The twins literally share an Instagram account, BTW.

Instagram: @ninaxdiana

Corrina is a 23-year-old from Washington who is on the show with her older brother, Joey Roppo. She works as a music teacher.

Netflix says they’re both searching for a partner who can “align with their Christian values, live active lifestyles and fit seamlessly into their volleyball team.”

Instagram: @corrinaroppo

Joey makes it clear from the start that he’s there to protect his sister. He’s 28, from Washington, and a customs brokerage manager.

Instagram: @joeyroppo

Daniel, 25, joins the cast during episode 3 alongside his little sister, Julia, according to Today. Daniel is from Ontario, Canada, and is a client care specialist.

Instagram: @danielperfetto_

Julia is Daniel’s 21-year-old sister. She’s also from Ontario and works as an HR associate and personal trainer. She posts a ton of her training content on her Instagram for everyone to follow along.

Instagram: @juliaperfetto

Alara and her brother Ceylan join the cast during episode 3, according to Today. Alara is 22 years old and hails from London and Cyprus. She’s currently a fashion design student, and based on her fabulous outfits on IG, it shows.

Instagram: @alarataneri

Ceylan is 25 and works as a professional soccer player. He’s got a full blue steel working in his many Instagram posts, so it’s safe to say he isn’t easily ruffled.

Instagram: @ceylantaneri

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