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Written in the Stars is Disney+’s newest dating series. The soon-to-be-released reality TV series will follow 12 singles on a quest to find true love. Unlike the already available list of reality TV dating shows, this series follows an entirely new format. It completely revolves around astrology.

Disney+’s Written in the Stars will not be based on common interests, goals, or looks. When it comes to finding one’s perfect match on the show, only one criteria is used: birth charts and astrological signs.

Famed broadcaster, producer, and DJ, Clara Amfo, will be taking on the role of matchmaker to try to find the singletons their perfect match. The official synopsis of Written in the Stars reads,

“Written in the Stars is a sizzling new reality/dating series which puts contestants’ love lives in the hands of the world’s top astrologers.”

The series will feature 12 singles with different astrological signs. They will meet in a villa on the Greek Peninsula and will stay together for one entire “lunar cycle” to find out if love is really Written in the Stars.

Here are the 12 eager singles looking for love on Written in the Stars

Although each of the singletons has a partner for themselves in the villa, it’s up to them to find out who that is and if it happens to be their perfect match.

1) Jocelyn Mahagan

Jocelyn is from Wales, United Kingdom, and has over 37k Instagram followers. She also has over 150k followers on her TikTok page. Her social media profile includes a lot of pictures and videos of herself posing.

2) Taylor Ann Regan

Taylor Ann Regan has just over 30k followers on her social media profile. She has a series of highlights on the social media app that include memories of time spent with her friends, and bits from her TikTok profile, sorted by year. As per her Instagram, she is the “official ring girl.”

3) Ashley Tamuno

According to Ashley Tamuno’s Instagram page, he is a model and fashion student. He has more than 17K followers. Tamuno posts quite often and also maintains story highlights of his memories on his page.

4) Mattia Casieri Alborghetti

Mattia Casieri Alborghetti is an Italian at heart and a Scorpio by birth. He is also a plant lover. With over 32K followers on Instagram, he posts a lot about his travel expeditions.

5) Liat

Liat, who is a photographer, has over 23k followers on her Instagram profile. She posts a lot of pictures with her friends in addition to pictures of herself. Her highlights include memories from her work.

6) David Templer

David Templer has over 38K followers on Instagram. His highlights on the social media app feature his workouts and other fitness-related information. On TikTok, Templer has over 587k followers and is known as the shirtless chef.

7) James L. Jackson

James L. Jackson has only around 9K followers on his Instagram profile. An Aquarius, Jackson frequently travels and blogs about astrology and his experiences. His most recent trip was to Bali.

8) Toby Olubi

Toby Olubi has only over 5K followers on Instagram. But with the series soon to be released, it is bound to increase. He is a fitness representative and a World Cup gold medalist. Olubi is also an Olympic athlete from Great Britain.

9) Jack Rees

Jack Rees has 2K followers on his Instagram profile, but that number is sure to increase once Written in the Stars premieres. Rees frequently posts about his travels and shares photos of his friends on the social media app.

10) Kayleigh Fay

Kayleigh Fay is an international curve model with over 10K followers on her Instagram profile. She is 5ft 11 and believes in high vibrations and positivity. Fay posts a lot about self love, her work, and travel expeditions.

11) Kelly Rian

Kelly Rian is a self-proclaimed “movie scream queen,” according to her Instagram bio. She is a model and has over 26K followers on her Instagram profile. Rian frequently posts photos of herself from photoshoots and vacations.

12) Callum McClean

Unlike other co-contestants, Callum McClean, who is from Great Britain, has only around 1000 followers on Instagram. The Written in the Stars contestant’s highlights include posts from his travels.

Written in the Stars will premiere on Disney+ soon. Stay tuned for more information on the forthcoming reality TV series.

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