Maryland Love Connection: Matt and Kara Furstenburg


As Matt worked to boost his company, the couple was also thinking about starting the next chapter of their lives together. 

Kara was admittedly less than subtle about her aspirations to get married quickly. 

“I knew she wanted to get married because she was always talking about it,” Matt laughed.

The couple was in Fort Lauderdale, FL, staying at Kara’s parents’ condo when the proposal happened in 2014.

Matt told Kara he had invited former Terp football star AJ Francis, who was in Miami playing for the Dolphins then, and his significant other over to catch up and have drinks. Shortly after they arrived, Matt asked AJ to take a picture of him and Kara by the water, but, in reality, AJ was videoing while Matt dropped to one knee and asked for Kara’s hand in marriage. 

Kara was especially shocked because she had once again expressed her desire to get married at dinner just a few hours beforehand. That statement was met with Matt playing it off like it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, saying he hadn’t even asked her father yet. Little did a partially dejected Kara know that Matt had the ring with him and would propose that night.

Kara, of course, said yes instantly, and the two began wedding planning—but not before taking their engagement photos on the Maryland football field.

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