Maryland Love Connection: Casey and Kirstie Ikeda


By late 2017, Casey was certain he wanted to ask Kirstie to spend the rest of their lives together. He decided to pop the question the Saturday after Thanksgiving that year while the pair were staying at Kirstie’s parent’s house. 

There was certainly nothing that gave away Casey’s plan—the couple were working on Kirstie’s car and changing its oil just a few hours earlier and they were still wearing their oil-stained clothes. They went out to a nearby lake to fish and Casey, who describes himself as “an absolute nervous wreck” at the time, was strangely quiet. 

As Kirstie recalls, Casey was acting weird and they weren’t catching any fish so she suggested they head back to her parent’s place. Then, when she started to turn away, Casey dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. The answer was an easy yes.

“She was so excited and obviously I was excited as well,” Casey said. “It was great because then we could go right back and celebrate with her family.” 

“I always joke with him that the moment he proposed was probably the worst I ever looked physically,” Kirstie added. “We had oil all over our clothes, but it was perfect for us because we’re not really the people who get dolled-up or do anything fancy. We’re very much relaxed, t-shirt and sweatpants kind of people, so I thought it was perfect.”

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