Love Triangle Star Matt Phelan Denies He Had A Girlfriend During Filming


Old mate Matt Phelan, one of the stars of Stan Original Reality Series Love Triangle, has responded to allegations that he had a secret girlfriend while filming the show.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Matt admitted he spent a few months with his now-ex-girlfriend during the “initial process of the show,” but insists that their relationship ended soon thereafter.

“I met [my ex] the day before I was told I’d actually be on the show. I accepted but chose to see her again,” he said.

“I was open about the show I’d be going on and that I’d be fully giving myself to it. She accepted that but feelings grew.”

It comes after his ex-girlfriend told So Dramatic! that they’d been dating since April when the show first began production.

“We actually met, then he got the phone call the next day to say that he made [it onto] the show,” she revealed on the poddy.

She says the pair then “became more serious” in the lead up to filming, and the anonymous girlfriend said he’d already told her he was in love with her following the “texting” phase of the show.

She also claimed he “snuck off the show” to surprise her for her 30th birthday.

Matt vehemently denied this to Daily Mail, insisting that he was granted a weekend at home before his final day of filming.

“We went into an exclusive bf gf relationship from then on,” he said.

Towards the end of filming, Matt’s ex recalled that the cast met up for drinks.

“That’s when he cheated on me with Madi,” she said, claiming that she didn’t find out until a week later.

“I thought things are a bit off. Then, by the Wednesday, he just broke up with me and said I was more in love with him than he was with me.”

His Love Triangle partner Madi also issued a statement to Daily Mail, saying she “wasn’t aware” that Matt was seeing someone until his ex reached out to her.

“At this stage we had only drunkenly kissed and I didn’t know that from that night we would form a relationship,” she said.

“Matt was honest with me and said he was seeing someone and broke it off right away. I didn’t know the extent of their relationship.”

What a mess.

The first season of Stan Original Reality Series Love Triangle is now streaming on Stan and the second season is on its way in 2023.


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