Love Island’s Paige Thorne on Jacques O’Neill dating rumours


Paige Thorne from Love Island has set the record straight about rumours she’s back in touch with Jacques O’Neill, following her split from Adam Collard.

Well, it’s been a big few weeks for the Love Island contestant. After a video emerged of boyfriend Adam Collard with his arms around another woman – with him strongly denying anything happened – the pair announced their break up.

Paige then appeared on the Saving Grace podcast, where the 24-year-old touched on Love Island contestant Jacques, who she was with in the villa. “There has been slight contact,” she revealed. “No contact with the lips. Let’s not forget how this boy done me in Casa [Amor]. Obviously we had a vibe in there. But he done me over. D**khead. Fine. But we’re just going to see where things go. I am in zero rush to be with a man because men are trash.”

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Now though, Paige has set the record straight in an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, insisting speculation that the pair are getting back together is inaccurate.

“It’s spreading that me and Jacques are back in contact, and we’re going to be ‘reunited’ and all this kind of thing,” she explained. “We’ve literally had one conversation on the phone. It’s just friends. Everyone can chill out with the speculation that ‘Paige and Jack, she’s gonna go back to him’. It’s not quite like that. We’re just friends.”

The paramedic also shared more details of her split from Adam. alleging there were more videos of him, and that he ghosted her for days before their eventual break up. “It got to maybe the third day [of his trip to Bali] and he started being really shady on text. He wasn’t texting me back.

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“He would leave me on ‘read’ for the entire day. My own boyfriend literally ghosted me. So I said, ‘When you’ve got five minutes, I’d really appreciate a phone call.’ He was like, ‘We do need a phone call, but I’ve got a party to go to and I wanna be in the right frame of mind for it.’”

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