Love Island’s Haris Namani’s Dating Rule Shocks Fans


Unafraid to air his opinions but Haris Namani’s dating rule about shoe size comes as a big surprise to fans, and “Love Island” host, Maya Jama, serves her own dish of honesty. After three long years of absence, ITV2’s top-rated reality TV show “Love Island” returned to Cape Town in South Africa.

Expectedly fans have been blessed with young and vibrant hopefuls who have begun to couple up. On the show’s first day, they spotted Haris Namani, a TV salesman from Doncaster, and Anna-May, a Welsh-born. Anna-May, a payroll administrator, was honest about her expectations while sharing how much her single-hood has affected her. She said:

‘I’ve been single for quite a while, my mother is bugging me, she’s like, ”You need to find a boyfriend.”

Namani, on the other hand, failed to testify how much his bachelorhood tenure has lasted, but he boastfully alleged to never been turned down by a girl. Despite what viewers thought was brewing love, the TV salesman mentioned that he is yet to find “that spark.” Before fans wondered who his choice would be, Haris Namani’s dating rule was spelled out.

Haris Namani’s Dating Rule Makes Love Island’s Maya Jama and Fans React

Haris Namani’s dating rule number one, and the only one that seems to be getting a reaction is that he gets turned off by girls with “big feet” and “anything over size five.” The show’s host was immediately forced to give her hot take on the issue. Jama responded, “You can’t be that strict down to the foot size! Well, I think I’ve found out enough.”

Many “Love Island” devotees shared the same sentiments as Jama. Some commenters called the 21-year-old out and even praised the host for her reaction. A few fans decided to read more meaning to Haris Namani’s dating rule. One person quipped:

“So are we all in agreement that Haris’ tiny foot thing is because he’s got tiny feet and insecure about it?”

Another penned:

“Not giving the guy a hard time but the ‘my girl can’t be above a size 5 [shoes]’ is exactly why girls have insecurities.”

For now, it is not certain who will ignite the sparks in Namani’s heart, but the young adult proves to be a firm romantic who chooses the women he allows in his life. Courtney Hodgson, a 23-year-old influencer, alleged that Namani dumped her weeks before entering the house. She appeared furious about it, tagging him as the “biggest game player going.”

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