Love Island Fans Think They’ve Unveiled Secret Bombshell ‘Rule’


2 February 2023, 15:59

Love Island bombshell rule.


Can bombshells couple up with each other on Love Island? Here’s the theory explained…

Love Island wouldn’t be the same dramatic series we know and love it to be without bombshells entering the villa left, right and centre.

But have you ever noticed that we don’t see two bombshells couple up with one another? Well, fans of the ITV2 dating series think they’ve uncovered the reason why…

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Viewers are convinced that bombshell contestants are ‘not allowed’ to choose one another in the first few recouplings and are told to go for Islanders who have been in the villa for longer.

Why don
Why don’t bombshells couple up with each other?


Everyone had the same burning question on their minds and it’s been causing a conversation on Twitter.

One user posted: “Sure this has been discussed ad nauseam but I need an answer (important questions)…. Are #loveisland bombshells not allowed to couple up with each other?”

“Are the bombshells allowed to couple up the first recoupling,” another wrote, adding that it may just be the first fire-pit session that forbids them to do so.

Another speculation read: “Why don‘t ever two #loveisland bombshells couple up with each other? Is it not allowed?”

In the past, fans have commented on how some of the bombshells who have entered at the same time would make quite the match!

Fans wanted Chris and Fran from to give it a go in series 5
Fans wanted Chris and Fran from to give it a go in series 5.


Notably, Francesca Allen and Chris Taylor from season five entered the villa on the same day and, of course, coupled up with other contestants. However, she admitted after being dumped from the show that there was a “spark” between her and Chris.

In an interview with the tabloids, the reality star revealed that Islanders do speak with producers about who they want to choose, she said: “They don’t really have much input at all, they just ask you how you are feeling, who you interested in, ask if you want to talk to this person. It is solely your decision who you pick.”

Of course, the ‘bombshell ban’ is just a theory and hasn’t been confirmed – but it would make sense!

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