Love Island fans go wild over raunchy pole-dancing challenge as stars snog one another in space outfits


LOVE Island fans have gone wild over a raunchy pole-dancing challenge as the stars snog in space outfits.

Tonight’s dramatic episode of the ITV2 dating show saw the singletons get dressed up for a ‘Space Raunch’.


The Islanders got all dressed up for the ‘Space Raunch’Credit: Eroteme
The stars took part in a sexy pole-dance challenge


The stars took part in a sexy pole-dance challengeCredit: Eroteme

Love Island viewers watched on as the Islanders turned themselves into a cosmic dream ahead of the new challenge.

Facing the Space Raunch, the girls were tasked with leaping out of a rocket and spinning round a pole in a raunchy turn.

Each of the girls then had to pick a boy to kiss upon reaching the bottom, having performed their saucy dismount.

The girls then clambered on their man before sharing another steamy kiss – leaving fans hot under the collar.

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The wild challenge saw Jessie Wynter and Will Young share their first steamy kiss – while Zara Lackenby-Brown and Tom Clare locked lips once again in the hot challenge.

Elsewhere, Tanya Manhenga was seen grinding on man Shaq Muhammad, while Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall shared a snog.

But it was Zara, 25, who was crowned the sexiest space girl thanks to her seductive pole dancing.

Fans went wild over the new challenge, and flooded Twitter to comment on the number of eye-popping snogs and skimpy outfits.

One fan wrote: “CHEEKS were cheeking. Jesus,” as a second said: “F**king hell, I feel like I’m intruding.”

Another chimed in: “Feel like I’m watching a porno,” while a third said: “Please that was soft porn!”

Elsewhere tonight, Kai Fagan was seen cooling things off with Anna-May Robey in a shock couple turn.

Kai, 24, told his love interest: “If I’m going to be completely honest with myself, I think I do get on better with Tanyel a little bit more and there’s a bit more of a spark there.” 

Anna-May took it well, saying: “I feel like we don’t have much flirt, it’s a lot of serious chat.”

“I think sometimes you’ve just got to go with your gut with these things,” Kai said, dumping the star.

But it appeared the feeling was mutual as she friend-zoned the star, saying they had “fun in a friend way”.

She said: “I feel the same way and I feel like me and you, we get along more as friends, I do have a laugh with you and we can have fun but it’s more in a friend way.”

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Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm ITV2.

Fans were left in shock at the scenes


Fans were left in shock at the scenesCredit: EROTEME
Jessie leapt onto Will Young in the Space Raunch challenge


Jessie leapt onto Will Young in the Space Raunch challengeCredit: Eroteme
The girls were tasked with dancing on a pole in tonight's show


The girls were tasked with dancing on a pole in tonight’s show

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