Love Is Blind’s Natalie Lee Says She’s Dating Post Shayne Split – E! Online


While their respective romances have ended, Natalie shared that the friendships she’s developed with the women from her season is something she is happy to have taken away from the journey.

“I’d say they’re my best friends,” she told E! News Nov. 17. “So, we’re just being single girls in Chicago, and it’s been really fun. I think the best part of being on the show was the friendships that I gained through all the girls; Mallory, Iyanna, Deepti and Danielle. I’m really lucky in that way to have gotten their friendship from that crazy experience.”

As for how that friend circle is supporting Danielle during this difficult time, Natalie said, “All we can really do is just support her, be that shoulder she can cry on.”

“I know it’s really tough going through a public breakup and I couldn’t imagine what she’s going through,” she added. “But all we can do is be a listening ear and you know, take her out for a wine night or some ice cream when she needs that.”

Love may be blind but this friendship is crystal clear.

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