Love Is Blind’s Kyle & Deepti Finally Confirm Romance


Love Is Blind for Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati

The two, who have been teasing their relationship status since their season of Love Is Blind first premiered on Netflix in February 2022, finally confirmed they’re dating in the show’s After the Altar episodes, which dropped on the streamer Sept. 16. 

Throughout the three episodes, both Kyle and Deepti admitted to having strong feelings for one another, but worried about losing their friendship. But after a weekend of reuniting with fellow cast members and exploring their relationship, Kyle decided to finally make the first move.

“I wanna just start a relationship—like a legitimate relationship with you,” Kyle admits as the two stand on a chilly Chicago balcony. “And be exclusive, instead of just, like, in limbo.” 

“We’re gonna actually try this?” Deepti asks him in response. 

“Yeah, sure,” Kyle says. “I want to.” 

“I want to, too,” she says.

Deepti seemingly acknowledged the relationship on her Instagram Sept. 16, posting a compilation of snaps from shooting After the Altar to the song “Woke Up in Love” by Kygo, Gryffin and Calum Scott, though she did not confirm if the two are still together.

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