Love Is Blind star Matt wasn’t dating since split with ex-wife until he met Colleen


Love Is Blind star Matt Bolton recently revealed that he had not been dating since split with his ex-wife until meeting Colleen.

Fans are deeply invested in cast member Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed’s relationship on Love Is Blind season 3. The duo hit it off in the pods and Matt popped the big question to Colleen. She said yes and now the newly engaged couple is preparing for their nuptials.

On November 2 three new episodes of the Netflix show were released and fans see Matt opening up more about the aftermath of his split with his ex-wife.

Love Is Blind star Matt Bolton was in a ten-year relationship with ex-wife

In the Netflix show’s earlier episodes, Matt opened up about being in a ten-year-long relationship.

The Cinemaholic reports that he had been dating his high school sweetheart since 14 and the pair got hitched at 18. His marriage came to an end at age 24.

Matt revealed to Colleen in the earlier episodes that his ex-wife had been unfaithful.

Matt reveals he hasn’t been dating since split with his ex-wife

It’s been over three years since Matt’s divorce from his ex-wife. However, in episode 8 of Love Is Blind he revealed that he wasn’t able to get back into the dating world since his split.

The episode sees Colleen meeting Matt’s friends for the first time. The group gets vulnerable sharing a lot of details about the aftermath of the end of Matt’s first marriage.

“Have you guys seen him with somebody since his long relationship?,” Colleen asks Matt’s friends.

“I have not been dating, I have not been doing any of that,” Matt says as he and his friends speak with Colleen.

“He’s just been working on himself,” one of Matt’s friends says. He further reveals that Matt went on one or two dates but couldn’t consistently keep dating.

“I’d go on a date or two dates then I would shut down,” Matt confesses.

He further reveals that Colleen was able to knock his walls down.

Matt and Colleen get into another fight in recent episode

Colleen was the first one to meet Matt’s family. But in the latest episodes, Colleen’s family meets her new man as her parents flew in from Pennsylvania.

The Love Is Blind star finally admits to her mum that things have been difficult with Matt. She also confessed that she doubted if he’d be there when things get more difficult.

Her mom tells Colleen “I respect your decision, but please think about this seriously …”

Colleen finally admits her doubts to Matt too. However, he is anything but understanding about them.

During their date in the aquarium, Matt demands Colleen stop playing games and she finally loses it saying doesn’t see herself spending the rest of her life with him.

Love Is Blind | Season 3 Official Teaser | Netflix



Love Is Blind | Season 3 Official Teaser | Netflix





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