‘Love Is Blind’ Creator Launches New Dating Show


Chris Coelen, creator of Netflix‘s hit series, Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum launched a new dating experiment on November 30: Love Without Borders.

Wanderlust, the act of looking for love outside of your home city, was predicted as a dating trend for 2022 and right at the tail end of the year, a dating experiment puts it to the test.

The new Bravo TV series follows “six American singles who have struck out at love on their home turf risk everything and step blindly onto a plane to an unknown overseas destination to be paired with their ‘perfect’ life partner.”

Coelen was inspired to create this series after failed dating experiences in his home city, as well as a 2016 statistic that revealed 60 million Americans would leave their hometown if given a chance.

Considering the pandemic abrupted not only the dating lives, but travel plans of many people, this series may be Colen’s next hit. He continued: “At certain points in my life, I was stuck in a rut professionally. I felt like my geographic location was a hindrance to find love, find someone that I wanted to be with. I felt like ‘Oh, my God, I really need to leave Los Angeles and moved to Oregon for some air, and that’s when I’m gonna find the woman of my dreams’… I would think to myself, ‘This is never gonna happen in Los Angeles.’”

“I think that’s very relatable for people who not only want to find love — who doesn’t want to find love? — but also, many people feel like they want to change their lives,” Coelen continued. “I think this is a show that’s really rooted in that idea of people who feel like they want to change their lives as much as they want to find love.”

Watch the series on Bravo.

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