Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriends: Past & Who He’s Dating Now


Of all the most famous eligible bachelors, Leonardo DiCaprio is surely world number one. Whenever the actor finds himself single, speculation about the identity of his latest girlfriend cascades across the press. When he’s in a relationship, it’s a race against time to discover everything there is to know about them, and her, and him.

And let’s be honest, it’s fairly obvious why there’s still such a fuss over DiCaprio’s love life. Virtually everyone fell in love with the actor when he played Jack in Titanic, and since then he’s starred in a slew of major films, plus he’s become a renowned climate action advocate.
To put it simply, there’s not a lot not to love about DiCaprio, and his extensive dating history proves exactly that. Below, we take a look back at the actor’s girlfriends—past and (rumoured) present.

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