Lee Jong Suk and IU declare friendship, love and more in letters to fans after confirming relationship


In his speech, Lee Jong Suk expressed his gratitude to a person he has liked for a very long time and who helped him after his military service when he was facing difficulties. He mentioned respecting and admiring the person but did not add a name. Soon, his company HighZium Studio contacted if the special person was his girlfriend and responded with no revelation of the name or the relationship at that point. Later, once reports about the actor dating IU for over 4 months were released, HighZium Studio and EDAM Entertainment (IU’s management company) confirmed that the two were dating and asked for the fans’ support.

Lee Jong Suk and IU then released letters addressed to their fans in their respective fan cafes, personally confirming their relationship.

IU’s letter

The songstress penned the letter to her fans, UAENA asking if they were spending the last day of 2022 in confusion because of the sudden news. She talked about writing the letter with feelings of gratitude and apology. She confirmed her relationship next saying that as they may already know, she is dating at the moment, which may have surprised UAENA who are always curious about her and worry for her. Though cautiously, she added that it is something that has happened in her life.

IU about Lee Jong Suk

Continuing her letter, IU added about her feelings for her colleague who had now turned into much more. She mentioned how in a long time they have known each other, they were building the positive feelings they now possess. While relying on each other the feelings grew. Talking about Lee Jong Suk she complimented him on being reliable and cute whose support she has received for a long time. Moreover, he sent her encouragement by telling her that she was a good person. She credited her current emotional stability as well as her increased passion for work she can be proud of, to this friend who compliments her upfront.

IU added that as the fans have now become aware of their relationship, the two will date quietly and beautifully so as not to cause worry to them. Her letter ended with promises of a hardworking new year.

Lee Jong Suk’s letter

Starting with an introduction, he talked about receiving a Daesang (Grand Prize), at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards for his acting in ‘Big Mouth’ opposite YoonA, and thanked the fans for their support who cheered him on as he was giving his speeches so that he would not lose his confidence. He apologized for surprising everyone at the end of the year and further expressed his gratitude for sending love and support to him even though he is lacking and gets shy despite his age.

Lee Jong Suk about IU

Citing the articles written about his speech the previous day, Lee Jong Suk spoke about the friend in question aka IU. He said that the two first met when he was in his mid-20s, and though his feelings then surpassed young love, he couldn’t make anything out of it. After being friends for a long time, they have now become a couple. 

Confused about how to explain this better, Lee Jong Suk said she was a strange existence who always occupied a place in his heart as he continued to live his life tirelessly. He referred to the character of Kang Dani (played by Lee Na Young), in his 2019 K-drama ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’ where he played her long-time friend and confidante Cha Eun Ho. 

Lee Jong Suk called IU an amazing person who aids him on his path in life and his many concerns as a friend and though she is younger, feels like an older person sometimes. She is someone he can rely on and though she is a grown adult, he wants to protect her. As they have come to be in a relationship, the actor added that IU makes him want to be a better person.

While wanting to introduce her nicely to his fans, Lee Jong Suk added that it is his first time doing this (introducing his girlfriend), he worries that the fans may be surprised or even upset by the news. In this letter, he wished the fans would support the couple and thanked them for all the love.

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