“Larsa Pippen should see Marcus Jordan as more of a nephew than a mate” – Jalen Rose despises rumors of Larsa Pippen dating Michael Jordan’s son 


As everybody has seen by now, the son of former NBA star Michael Jordan is reportedly in a relationship with Larsa Pippen. Larsa Pippen was married to Scottie Pippen, one of Jordan’s teammates with the Chicago Bulls.

Some have questioned the relationship and aren’t necessarily sure that this is the right thing to do from either side. Because of their previous relationship, many believe this shouldn’t be happening now.

However, many also believe that love doesn’t have a number and that if they’re happy together, they should do what’s best for them and stay together.

One person who doesn’t seem to agree with what’s going on is former NBA player and current analyst Jalen Rose. He believes that Larsa Pippen should see Marcus Jordan as more of a nephew and friend rather than a boyfriend.

Larsa Pippen should see Marcus Jordan as more of a nephew than a mate! https://t.co/VqgiVK0rBb

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four
Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers – Game Four

Larsa Pippen heated on rumors with Marcus Jordan

Larsa Pippen has continuously denied the relationship between the two, but most believe this isn’t her telling the truth.

A source close to the situation had the following to say:

“Larsa and Marcus aren’t exclusively together; they’re dating,” a source familiar with the situation told us Thursday after a clip showing Jordan making out with a mystery woman went viral.

“It’s so new,” our insider said of Pippen and Jordan’s romance. “They’re just enjoying time getting to know each other.”

Larsa Pippen says that the two aren’t dating and instead, are just friends.

“We’re friends,” she said. “We’ve been friends for a few years, and that’s really what it is. We’re friends.

“We just have so much fun together. I feel like we love going to the same places. We like the same kind of music. So it’s always fun when we’re together.”

The truth should come out sooner rather than later due to how much the couple is seen in public. Although they can continuously say that they aren’t together and maybe won’t ever get caught if they are together, it seems likely that the truth will come out sooner rather than later.

Exploring the relationship of Larsa Pippen & Scottie Pippen

Larsa and Scottie Pippen had an interesting breakup and it wasn’t one that most couples would want. In a recent interview, Larsa Pippen talked about how Scottie Pippen gave her a great life in terms of spoiling her and how she was appreciative of that.

When asked about finding another guy, she said it would be tough to do so because they wouldn’t be able to give her what Scottie gave her.

“I would expect so much,” she said of looking for someone new. “I would expect a guy to do so much for me, because that’s what I’ve had. If you’re not going to do a whole bunch of things for me, then why would I want to be with you? I’d rather be alone.”

She did make remarks about the Last Dance movie that said her husband was portrayed differently, so it’s possible that the two are on better terms.

“I think Scottie wasn’t portrayed as well as he should have been because I do feel like he basically was the team. I know I’m biased, but honestly, Scottie was winning without Michael. But Michael wasn’t winning without Scottie. So, you have to give Scottie credit.”

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