La La Anthony Explains How Her Son’s Overprotectiveness Affects Dating –


During La La Anthony’s recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the BMF star gushed and bonded with the daytime talk show host about being mothers to teenage boys and just how involved her son Kiyan, 15, is when it comes to her love life.

“He doesn’t like it,” Anthony, 40, admitted. “And I’m like, ‘So you just want your mom to be alone forever?’ He’s like, ’Yeah, kind of.’ But anytime his friends want to go out and do something he’s like, ‘Alright mom bye see you later I’m going here,’ and I’m like, ‘You just leave me in a heartbeat but you don’t want me to have anybody!’”

She joked that she “can’t even get on the phone” around her son. “I feel like it’s my dad in the house or something,” Anthony laughed. “I’m sneaking [around], texting…this is crazy! Or he’s like, ‘Mom let me see your phone real quick,’ like for what? What do you need my phone for?”

“It must be a mommy-son thing,” said the EGOT recipient, to which the former Power lead agreed. Anthony shares Kiyan with NBA star, Carmelo Anthony. She filed for divorce in June 2021 after a decade of marriage, citing that his time in the New York Knicks partially fueled their split.

Meanwhile, Hudson has a son, David Daniel Otunga Jr, 13, who she shares with ex-fiancé David Otunga.

Later in the chat, Anthony spoke on how she’s raising her son to respect women by setting the example herself. “If I get dressed for an event or something and I’m just leaving he might not say anything. So I’m like, ‘Do you think mom looks nice?’ And he [responds]. I tell him just make sure you say that because women like to hear compliments. Women like people to do nice things for them or if someone does something nice for you, acknowledge that […] I try to make sure he’s in touch with his feelings.”

Watch the full discussion below.

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