Kyle & Shayne Spark Dating Rumors On Instagram


Love Is Blind season 2 stars Kyle Abrams and Shayne Jansen have caused dating rumors to circulate among fans after posting matching Instagram photos together. As two of the 15 single men featured on Netflix’s popular dating show, Kyle and Shayne blindly proposed to Shaina Hurley and Natalie Lee, respectively, after the duos got to know one another while separated in “pods.” While Natalie received several proposals on Love Is Blind that weren’t shown, Kyle and Shaina’s relationship was criticized by viewers from the start for their incompatibility. Shaina, who revealed her feelings for Shayne after getting engaged, broke up with Kyle halfway through the eight-week experiment, while Natalie unexpectedly left Shayne on their wedding day.


Six months after Love Is Blind season 2 ended on September 16, Netflix released an After The Altar special that not only provided updates for every cast member and their relationships, but revealed a lot of previously unknown information to viewers. Natalie explained that she has refused to speak to Shayne because of incriminating text messages found between Shayne and Shaina, while Kyle and Deepti Vempati, the ex-fiancée of Shake Chatterjee, finally confirmed romance rumors between them. Sadly, Kyle announced his and Deepti’s breakup online on September 19 but revealed that he is now dating someone else. In addition, Kyle has begun to promote his newly created OnlyFans account.

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In another reference to his OnlyFans, Kyle shared a series of photos with Shayne on September 23 with a shirt sporting the companies’ logo. In what may have been an unexpected move, some Love Is Blind fans who remembered Kyle’s relationship announcement immediately began to wonder if Shayne could be Kyle’s mysterious partner. “I feel like this is the relationship announcement that they’re keeping secret,” one user commented to several people voicing their agreement, while another celebrated the idea with the joke, “Sounds gay, I’m in!”

Like Kyle, hundreds of users not only complimented the duo’s shirts (and Shayne’s headband) on Shayne’s respective Instagram post, but further questioned whether Kyle and Shayne, who partially affected why Shake wasn’t on After The Altar, led to something more or whether they’re simply playing around with their followers. The Circle season 1 winner Joey Sasso helped fuel speculation when he commented “it’s about time,” while Shayne himself sent eyebrows rising with the caption, “The couple you didn’t think you needed.” While several users have expressed confusion about Kyle and Shayne’s evident friendship, a few nonbelievers suspect that the upcoming Love Is Blind season 3 may be a factor, with one person writing, “Season 3 about to drop and everyone getting THIRS TEE [sic] trying to remain relevant.”

While anything is possible when it comes to the Love Is Blind season 2 cast, there’s a big chance that Kyle and Shayne’s Instagram shots were meant to poke fun at their exes, as Deepti recently posted a photo with joke enthusiast Natalie alongside the caption, “The only flags we need are green.” Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped some from being excited about the idea of Kyle and Shayne together, especially since the only two married couples from season 2, Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, and Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, both filed for divorce in August. With Kyle intent on keeping his new relationship private and Shayne living his best life in Chicago, however, the two have probably moved on to date outside their Love Is Blind co-stars.

Love Is Blind season 3 premieres October 19 on Netflix.

Sources: Kyle Abrams/Instagram, Shayne Jansen/Instagram, Deepti Vempati/Instagram

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