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TINLEY PARK, ILLINOIS , UNITED STATES, January 31, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Communities have thrived as one over time by connecting with others as people started doing everything in social groups from hunting to traveling. It is because of these human connections that our world has progressed. However, with the rise of digital interactions, has come an increase in loneliness.

Human connection refers to the sense of belonging and closeness that people feel when they have sympathetic relations with the ones around them. When two or more people meet with one another, each of them feels seen, valued, and heard. There is no judgment and engaging with others can make a person feel stronger and nourished. A chat over coffee with a friend, a hug from a partner after a long day, or a hike in the woods with a family member are all examples of human connection. Connecting with someone does not always require the use of words: time spent in close proximity and experience can also be referred to as a bonding experience. Similarly, with the intention to spread love and facilitate human connections, Sean Trotter founded KokTailz, a social networking app.

The name KokTailz, which translates to “cocktails,” represents themes such as partying, dating, romance, having fun, getting together with friends for drinks, and, most importantly, meeting new people. As different ingredients are used in cocktails to represent different flavors, similarly, KokTailz also represents a variety of personalities, characters, and their distinct differences. Its vision is to become the first choice for anyone looking to date or start a relationship. If a person is sick of jumping from one platform to another in search of features, they can’t get all at once, now might be the time to sign up and experience what an all-in-one feels like as KokTailz is now available on Google Play and Apple’s App Stores as well.

With the unique approach that KokTailz has taken, it is clear that the platform was created with the interest of the mass users in mind, to offer them the simple, comfortable, but feature-rich platform which they have always desired. Based on the existing flaws of market players, KokTailz offers various all-inclusive options for users.

It is a software-specific app that promotes dating by recommending notable places for nice dates and providing the opportunity to chat with different people, even if no match is found. On this App for meeting new people, users can also connect with people they already know. It promotes VoIP and other innovations that are often lacking in existing online dating apps. It allows users to upload an introduction video to verify the authenticity of their profile. Users can also upload voice intros to verify their profiles.

The company’s primary goal is to reposition the online dating world through its operations, and it is adding new features to make people more inclined and comfortable while using the service. This would also allow for the addition of security features, making users feel even more at ease and safe when sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Sean Trotter, an experienced individual in the adult entertainment industry, took the initiative to create KokTailz after uncovering the problems faced by the population on dating platforms. To his luck, KokTailz has successfully managed to solve various dating issues and brought a sense of togetherness among people.

Even the best dating apps have always been a hit-or-miss kind of thing, however, apps like KokTailz can be a great way to meet your significant other or simply make a new friend.

Google play download – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koktailz.app

Apple store download – https://apps.apple.com/app/koktailz/id1617331971

KokTailz a free dating app, represents partying, having fun, meeting new people, dating, romance, casual hook-ups, meeting up at nice places around the city to have drinks, coffee, or a meal. KokTailz represents amazing different types of people. KokTailz is about diversity, culture, and different personalities. available on Apple store available on Google play.

KokTailz top dating app brings A Fun Way To Meet Amazing People. Download today and make dating easier with KokTailz. For those interested in good looks & casual fun hook ups. Those looking for long lasting relationships.

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