Kenan Thompson Spotted With 19-Year-Old He Allegedly Mentors Months After Filing For Divorce, Fueling Dating Rumors


Kenan Thompson was reportedly seen holding hands with Aria while figure skating in New York. Kenan, who filed for divorce this year, is 44 years old. The Kenan and Ken actor has fueled dating rumors on social media sites like Reddit and TikTok after he was photographed with 19-year-old Aria Lisslo, a talented singer-songwriter based in New York City. The two have allegedly been seen at theme parks, concerts, and fashion shows. Kenan has apparently brought the young singer as a guest to SNL. However, they have yet to confirm their relationship.

Image source: Oakvalian on Reddit

The announcement amassed 8.3k upvotes on the LiveFromNewYork subreddit, garnering comments from users who were unhappy with the pair’s age difference of 25 years
even though the two are only rumored to be dating.

“Nickelodeon taught this dude a lot,” wrote @IWearBrute, referencing Nickelodeon’s problematic past with child stars. 

“I’m sure Dan Schneider is proud of his former protégé,” @trilobright quipped. 

“He joined SNL the same year his girlfriend was born, 2003!” added @Oakvalian. 

A previous SNL member, Horatio Sanz, allegedly groomed minors in the past. “Wtf is my dude thinking, such a bad look especially with the whole Horatio Sanz thing at SNL where it seemed everyone looked the other way. Keenan literally has his choice of girls he could be with, but he chooses the 19 year old,” commented @SG420123. 

Kenan has two kids with his ex-wife Christina, who he was married to for over a decade. Ironically, she is now dating Kenan’s SNL co-star, Chris Redd. Despite this, Christina and Kenan have remained friends. “Kenan and Christina are completely amicable,” one insider told Us Magazine in April 2022. “They remain close as co parents and have remained very close throughout the separation.”

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