Kenan Thompson Reveals the Secret Behind Pete Davidson’s Dating Life


Pete Davidson has quickly become the boyfriend of Hollywood.

The Saturday Night Live alum has had his fair share of high-profile relationships over the years, from recent ex Kim Kardashian to former fiancée Ariana Grande to new rumored girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski and more. As for the secret to his dating life success? Besides his much-discussed BDE, SNL‘s Kenan Thompson said his charm is simply who he is as a person.

“He’s a sweet young man,” Kenan exclusively told E! News correspondent Carolina Bermudez on the show’s Dec. 5 episode. “He’s very kind, endearing, loves his mom and sister, and, you know, has hyper adoration for his father. He’s just a good-hearted person.”

And despite the Meet Cute star’s “rough” childhood growing up on the “streets of New York,” Kenan said, “Inside, I don’t think he’s out to harm a piece of cotton. Like, he’s just a good kid.”

Returning as the host of this year’s People’s Choice Awards on Dec. 6, Kenan chatted with E! News all about the annual pop culture award ceremony, including which star he’s most excited to hang out with during the show.

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