Is Pete Davidson Dating Jenna Ortega? Answered


Former SNL actor and comedian Pete Davidson has notably been linked to a considerable number of successful women in the past. From acclaimed socialite Kim Kardashian to pop superstar Ariana Grande, an array of jaw-dropping names have been attached to the 29-year-old celebrity. And with Tim Burton’s Wednesday series becoming a sure-fire hit for Netflix over the last several weeks, it hardly comes as a surprise that Davidson has now been mentioned as one half of a brand new love connection — and that would be with actress Jenna Ortega.

Davidson’s love life has undoubtedly been a topic that consistently remains in the headlines — especially after a recent rivalry with Kanye West (Ye), in regards to Davidson dating Kardashian in the aftermath of her divorce from West. Along the way, Davidson has been mentioned in several dating rumors — one of which even included Martha Stewart. So, before the rumors get out of hand, let’s address for and for all if Davidson and Ortega are a legitimate pair.

Is Pete Davidson dating Jenna Ortega?

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Unlike the beginning of past celebrity relationships, there is no ounce of proof that Davidson and Ortega are dating. In fact, there is no online interaction between them or their parties crossing paths on social media, no paparazzi photographs of them together, and no linked projects that both of them have been in. Instead, the internet is swirling with just the simple fact that it could happen — and even then, that’s a small chance.

Truth be told, it was a recent viral tweet and a separate TikTok that even got the internet talking about Davidson and Ortega in the same vein, with the user behind the aforementioned tweet completely convinced that the duo will somehow end up together in a high profile relationship. 

As a result, the rest of the internet is apparently convinced of the same theory — especially since Davidson often attracts fellow popular stars catapulted into the limelight. And yet, their individual privacy still deserves to be respected, regardless if the duo ever actually become a couple or not.

As of now, Davidson and Ortega both appear to be single and not exclusively linked to anyone, so perhaps sparks will fly in the future. And if not, there’s certainly no denying that Davidson will find himself in a relationship with another prominent celebrity.

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