Is Love Is Blind’s Deepti Vempati Dating? She Says…


Deepti Vempati is loving the single life. 

A little over a week after the Love Is Blind season two contestant shared that she is no longer dating co-star Kyle Abrams, Deepti gave fans an update on her love life. Speaking exclusively with E! News in honor of her new book I Choose Myself, the information data analyst said right now, she’s focusing on Deepti. 

“I’m not [in a relationship], honestly, for once in my entire life,” she revealed. “I’m such a relationship girl. I always felt like having somebody by your side kind of defines your worth—like ‘Oh, cool, I have a boyfriend.’ But for once in my life, I’m just focusing on me.”

Fans watched Deepti and Kyle get together in the Netflix series’ “After the Altar” episodes, where Kyle asked her to be his girlfriend after weeks of tip-toeing around the question. Just days after the episodes premiered, the couple announced their break-up Sept. 19, revealing that they split in early summer.


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