Is it ever okay to date a co-worker? Expert weighs in on office romance


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  • There is no specific place to find love and the workplace is not excluded.
  • However, things can become awkward should the office romance not work out, so it’s important to set healthy boundaries.
  • Relationship and dating expert, Cher Gopman shares more on how to navigate around a office romance.

In America, two national news anchors revealed that they are in a romantic relationship after they were outed by the tabloids. This led to people questioning whether or not office romances are a good idea?

Relationship and dating expert, Cher Gopman, discussed the pros and cons of an office romance with TV anchors.

One of the anchors mentioned that companies have different policies when it comes to this topic, with some being okay with it and some not so much and require paperwork from the HR office to be signed.

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When Cher was asked if office romances are a good idea, she responded, “7% of Americans have met their spouses at work, so it can be a good or bad thing because it’s all about the healthy boundaries established if you do decide to persuade a relationship at the office.”

One of the anchors also mentioned that she is one of the 7% who met their partners at work and then continued to ask what prompts people to fall in love at the office. “The reason why co-workers fall in love with each other is because they share a similar passion, and this is the advice I give my clients; to date someone whom they share a passion with,” she adds.

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Cher continues to add thay should the office romance not workout, there could be some awkwardness that occurs. “Before you fully get into the work relationship you have to have ‘the talk’ where you establish clear boundaries, where you state that if this doesn’t work out, you need to still have a work friendship and be able to work together as well.”

When it comes to announcing to your co-workers about the romance, Cher suggests that you look at what you are comfortable with.

“I usually tell my clients that what I recommend is to first see how things go and how serious things are. Once it gets serious then you can tell people. It’s better for you to be the one telling your boss or co-workers, instead of them finding out,” she adds.

She also adds that it is a conversation that should happen between the two of you first. To balance work and the relationship it is best to keep work at work and not bring it home.

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