Is Chrishell Stause Happier And Healthier Than Ever Thanks To Dating Australian Singer G Flip?


It’s hard not to become invested in Chrishell Stause’s search for love. From watching her heartbreaking divorce from This Is Us star Justin Hartley to her painful conversations with then-boyfriend and boss Jason Oppenheimer, the actress-turned-reality tv star deserves something good! And it seems like she’s found it – in Australian singer G Flip.

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Chrishell validated rumors of the two being together during the season 5 reunion of Selling Sunset. At first, people were shocked as she was talking about freezing embryos with Jason less than five months prior. But Chrishell and G Flip have fallen madly in love in the short period they’ve known each other. Unlike Jason, G Flip shares Chrishell’s yearning to have children. They love to travel and fully support each other in their careers. Chrishell’s relationship with G Flip is all-around epic, and here’s why.


Chrishell And G Flip’s Relationship Has Encourage Others To Explore

One of the first questions people had when Chrishell announced her relationship with G Flip was – does that mean she’s a lesbian now? For someone so keen on having kids, how could she have children with G Flip? The couple has been patient and kind with the public and their questions, however intrusive or inappropriate.

Chrishell has even taken time to address questions about her and G Flip. She even took to Instagram to chat with her followers about differences with gender and sexuality and the way she and G Flip identify with them.

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Bringing these types of conversations about gender and sexuality to the forefront is pivotal in helping to spread awareness and education about the LGBTQ+ community.

How Chrishell And G Flip Support Each Other

One of the first glimpses we got of Chrishell and G Flip together was during the Australian singer’s music video for her single Get Me Out Of Here. It was also one of the first indications of how far the two are willing to go to help the other. G Flip’s video starring Chrishell is their most watched music video to date, no doubt because of the inclusion of the singer’s girlfriend.

Having a partner who is supportive of your career makes everything easier. Chrishell’s appearances in her partner’s work will continue to help get the word out about their music. Chrishell is also known to be spotted at G Flip’s shows as well.

G Flip has even agreed to appear on Selling Sunset, regardless of their fears about bringing their relationship onto the show. They do not want to be a reality star, telling Entertainment Tonight they’d rather stick to the music and avoid that side of the entertainment business altogether if they could. But with their new girlfriend being the star of one of the most popular Netflix reality tv shows, it’s almost impossible not to forecast some part of their relationship on the show.

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While we don’t know how heavily the couple will be featured on the show, G Flip met the entire cast of Selling Sunset. Chrishell has even teased that she and G Flip have received her ex Jason’s blessing and that the two are best buds. At the end of the day, it seems that G Flip wants to support Chrishell in any way they can, and making this exception appear on their girlfriend’s reality show was easy.

G Flip Has Helped Chrishell Find Real Happiness Again

The most epic part of this relationship has to be that both people in it are living their truth. Chrishell looks happier and healthier than ever, always spotted with a huge smile stretching across her face when she’s seen with G Flip. Her whole air seems lighter.

When talking about her relationship with Chrishell, G Flip acknowledges how lucky they feel to have Chrishell in their life. “We both feel like we’ll be in each other’s life forever; We have like a very strong connection that you don’t find every day,” said G Flip.​​​​​​​

Fans will remember Chrishell’s worry about her chances of getting pregnant throughout the last season. She wanted to ensure that she had frozen eggs and a significant other on board to help her create the family she’s always dreamed of. She’s even allowed herself some reprieve from worrying about having children.

Her relationship with G Flip has helped her accept that things come in time. She’s found a person interested in creating the foundation necessary for a loving home for children. As for how they’ll have children, Chrishell pointed out during the reunion that people with the same s*x organs can still have children, such as adoption.

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