I’m trolled for dating a man 25 years older and called a gold digger but I don’t care – I know it’s true love


WHILE some women prefer to date people their age, others care more for older men, maybe even twice their age.

Amidst constant judgment and criticism, one couple 25 years apart argue they don’t care what people say about them because they’re in love.


Frank and Dani get trolled for being a couple that’s 25 years apartCredit: TikTok/@frank.n.dani
Dani is 28 years old, while Frank is 53


Dani is 28 years old, while Frank is 53Credit: TikTok/@frank.n.dani

Love can come when you least expect it, and you can feel it for someone you usually wouldn’t go for.

Even if someone isn’t your “type on paper,” you can still catch feelings for them.

TikTok couple Frank and Dani aren’t the typical significant other people would imagine either would go for, yet it works for them.

Frank is 25 years older than Dani, and trolls continue to remind them of this detail.

Except they don’t kindly remind them, haters like to express their distaste and disapproval on every video the two post together.

Dani is 28 years old, while Frank is 53 and almost twice her age.

The two began dating when Dani was 20 and Frank was 50.

In a recent TikTok, both Frank and Dani call out their trolls and express their disregard for the opinions of those who pass judgment.

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The two are sat next to each other, snug on the couch.

The caption reads: “Wow, he’s 25 years older than you.”

Dani smirks over her shoulder at Frank.

“You think it’s going to work,” the caption switches.

Dani points at Frank as the music plays: “I don’t care what they say; I’m in love with you.”

In the comments, Dani wrote: “8 years later, and it’s still working. The way he looks at me.”

Although most viewers expressed love and support for the happy couple, people still left crude remarks.

The two have been together for eight years and are happily married


The two have been together for eight years and are happily marriedCredit: TikTok/@frank.n.dani

Two individuals alluded to the fact that they thought Dani was a gold digger.

“He must be rich,” a hater commented, while another agreed: “He must be really rich.”

However, an outpour of support and approval quieted the critics.

“You guys aren’t alone my wife and I went through the same thing.22 years between us married for 10 years 3 beautiful kids later.it work’s. YOU GO,” an individual said.

Dani responded: “I love these comments! Thank you so much.”

Another woman in a similar relationship wrote: “Me man is 20 years older than me , the love of my life.”

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