‘I’m not sure every relationship is meant to go all the way’


Not every relationship lasts a lifetime, and Hoda Kotb is OK with that.

The TODAY with Hoda & Jenna co-host shared an update on her love life during a joint appearance with Jenna Bush Hager on “Watch What Happens Live” Tuesday night.

In October, Jenna offered to set up Hoda when she’s ready to start dating again and she gladly accepted. When asked if she’s gone on any dates since then, Hoda replied, “Not yet.”

“But I’m saying yet,” she added. “Jenna’s got a really good track record of setting people up. There’s someone who got married as a result of a Jenna setup.”

Jenna also chimed in at this point, saying, “It’s coming but it needs to be the right guy.”

In January 2022, Hoda and Joel Schiffman broke off their engagement. The pair, who share daughters Haley and Hope, got engaged in November 2019 after six years of dating and postponed their wedding because of the pandemic.

“Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen told Hoda he loved how she “consciously uncoupled” from the relationship and kept things so positive.

“You want what’s best for your kids,” she replied.

Hoda then reflected on relationships in general and offered the following insight.

“I’m not sure that every relationship is meant to go all the way. I think some are meant to be … I do like that ‘for a reason, a season or a lifetime (phrase),'” she explained.

Hoda, who recently said she has a high bar for whomever she dates next, explained why walking away from a relationship is sometimes the best decision, even if it’s a hard one.

“Sometimes people stay in something because they feel like they should. And I think sometimes you just have to kind of use your voice,” she said.

When she is ready to date, Hoda has her pal Jenna in her corner. In October, she explained why she’s so willing to let her set her up.

“Because you know me and I trust you,” she said. “If you didn’t know me, even if we were anchoring and pretending, then I wouldn’t say yes, but you do know me.”

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