I’m dating toyboys – my sex drive is as high as ever at 55, says Ulrika Jonsson


ULRIKA Jonsson has revealed that she’s been dating toyboys to satisfy her sex drive, which she says is “as high as ever”.

The TV presenter opened up about dating for the last year and a half, admitting she looks for younger men because she still feels “naughty, silly and ridiculous” despite her age.


Ulrika revealed she has been dating toyboys for the past year and a halfCredit: Ulrika Jonsson
She admitted her sex drive is still as high as ever in a tell-all dating chat


She admitted her sex drive is still as high as ever in a tell-all dating chatCredit: instagram

Ulrika, 55, said she was still “very keen” to get in the bedroom, and has been looking for a man who can keep up with her libido.

The former Gladiators host explained that she “wasn’t ageist” and was open to all men “applying” – but needed someone with a young spirit.

She told Closer magazine: “I’ve been dating the last year and a half, on and off… In terms of younger men, it’s not so much about preferring sex with them, but I have been dating younger.

“I’m not ageist by any means. I’m an equal opportunities dater, so by all means, apply! I’m 55 now, but I feel rejuvenated and energetic!

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“I genuinely still feel as naughty silly and ridiculous as I ever did. I’m having HRT [hormone replacement therapy] for the menopause, but it hasn’t impacted my sex life at all.

“I’m still very keen. I would love to have somebody in my life, but possibly not in a conventional way.”

It comes after Ulrika made a cheeky confession after wowing her social media fans with a sexy at-home selfie earlier this week.

The TV presenter took to her Instagram stories to make a joke as she cooked up Swedish meatballs for her dinner.

The mother-of-four posted a series of photos cooking the meatballs as she made a cheeky remark about her preference on “size”.

Alongside a photo of the meat rolled into ball shapes, she penned: “I love my balls big. How do you like yours?”

Ulrika is no stranger to posing for sultry selfies or making cheeky remarks to her social media fans.

Recently, Ulrika wowed her fans with a cheeky selfie as she snuggled in bed – donning a tiny strappy top for the photo.

She wore a plunging black lingerie top and a selection of gold chain necklaces as she teased fans: “Hey there, it’s been a while.”

The broadcaster is candid with her picture page and recently stripped to her beige underwear for a mirror selfie.

Shortly before that she paid tribute to American reality star Kendall Jenner as she stripped fully naked while posing on her sun lounger.

At the time, Ulrika wrote in her The Sun column: “I grew up with parents who were stark b****ck naked at every given opportunity, especially in the heat of the summer because, fundamentally, that is how us humans are supposed to be.

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“Our bodies should not be inhibited by clothing or trapped by beachwear.

“It may have something to do with the fact the Swedes are forced to spend nine months of the year in the cold, covered in multiple layers.”

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