I Was on ‘Love Is Blind’ — Interesting Things About Being on the Show


I was a bit surprised there were no mental-health professionals available to me.

I think I would have benefitted from on-site mental-health professionals.


On a similar note, I was surprised no mental-health professionals were available to me during or after filming or once the show aired, especially since the experience was emotionally charged.

During filming, emotions were high because of intense interviews and the pressure to get married. After we wrapped, I had mixed emotions about my relationship with Kenny and the connections I made with other cast members and production getting taken away in a matter of moments. And when the show aired, emotions were high because of fan reactions.

I can’t speak for the rest of the cast and I’m not sure if this has changed since I filmed the show in 2018, but I had expected to have professionals on-site to help us through any big or little traumas that surfaced or new anxieties and fears triggered by filming or the experiment.

Regardless, I’d encourage any production set to have on-site mental-health professionals.

Representatives for Netflix didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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